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Atlas Wellness is a comprehensive wellness coaching solution, providing simple tools and tailored services to individuals, executives and corporations.


Our knowledge and support enable you to achieve optimal condition through integrating the Eight Elements of Wellness, our essential guide to daily wellness.


Our customised holistic programs are designed to empower your life through building resilience, managing stressors and enhancing the experience of life.


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Simple skills to manage stress, weight or pain


Online sessions to enhance your life


Programs for high-achievers to reach the next level


Skills to work better, improve balance and be well


How Atlas Wellness Works

"Ben is a fantastic personal trainer and is highly knowledgeable with anything health and fitness related. For anyone wanting to improve their life - Ben would be the first person I'd recommend!"

- Kayla Banfield

"I had the pleasure of spending some time with Ben going over my fitness & nutrition. In only three weeks following the advice he gave me I can honestly say the improvements have been very noticeable. I would highly recommend speaking to Ben to get more out of your health & wellbeing."

- Kevin Slater

"I had some health issues that were not going away and after seeing a doctor I was still not satisfied with the result of being told I was fine when I knew there was something going on. I booked an appointment and seen Ben for an hour and a half and he gave me some homework and I implemented them straight away and within 3+ weeks I was almost back to normal which blew me away! Very simple changes in hydration, food, mental awareness, clarity plus excellent advice surrounding sleep and stretching changed me from not having any energy, not being able to train and sleeping far too long to training almost 6 days a week again, sleeping, recovering, working and enjoying life again."

- George Dimopoulos

"I have been a client of Ben's for the past 6 years and intend on doing so for life. From session one, I realised that I needed to learn, unlearn and re-learn, as Ben's holistic training was knowledge I knew nothing about. It's not just about lifting weights. To get maximum results you have to get your eating, sleeping, breathing and mind right also. Through Ben's tailored approach and strong focus on wellbeing, I have been able to transform myself physically, mentality and spiritually. His training environment is reassuring, non judgemental and patience. He recognises the individual capabilities of his clients and will push you when needed but never to the point of injury. Embodying Ben's ethos will provide you the foundations for a happy, healthy and mindful life."

- Stefan Koulocheris


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