Our Philosophy: Eight Elements of Wellness

I believe wellness should be simple, but acknowledge it has never been harder for many to find and maintain. After a lifetime of pursuing health, strength and wellness I decided to create Eight Elements of Wellness to give myself and my clients clear areas of focus to easily and consistently enhance the human experience.

These eight simple principles are each inspired by nature and intuition and therefore accessible and attainable by all people. Atlas Wellness philosophy and programs are intrinsically linked to Eight Elements of Wellness. Our role is to identify your unique pathway to wellness, utilising Eight Elements of Wellness to inspire positive and lasting change.

1. Mind | Your control centre

We know our decisions begin and end in our minds, but how can we control the seemingly uncontrollable? Determining the relationship you have with yourself, others and things enables us to identify a value system. Through understanding values we can utilise them to choose wellness. You have more power than you think you do. Atlas Wellness shows you how and supports you to reach your goals.

2. Spirit | Connection to faith

It is important to recognise there is a power outside of our physical beings that is greater than the self. However you choose to view this power, your belief enables a connection to faith in the future. For many the spirit also determines your value systems and supports your purpose which can provide grounding when the physical self is struggling. Atlas Wellness is here to lift your spirit and empower you to feel empowered on your journey.

3. Nutrition | Choosing your fuel

Nutrition provides the building blocks for our physical self. We have all heard, "you are what you eat" but choosing your fuel has become increasingly confusing for many. When you eat foods that are nutritious your body has the fuel required to support wellness. Atlas Wellness facilitates individual assessment and programming to identify food intolerances, genetic mutations and preferences to ensure the fuel you chose is optimal for your engine, whilst also tasting great.

4. Hydration | Prioritising purity

Water is the most important nutrient in our body and essential to our bodies as they are made of ~70% water. When we drink water we give our body the ability to function as it supports the metabolic processes including digestion, elimination, circulation, energy and thinking. Recognising that most water is now not pure and contains toxic chemicals, Atlas Wellness educates on water purity, quantity and timing.

5. Rest | Working in

We have all heard of "working out", but do you know the importance of "working in"? Or even what this means? In simple terms it is the generation of ‘Chi’ our life force, as opposed to ‘working out’ which depletes it. Atlas Wellness believes in balance, seeking, maintaining and thriving on balance between the energy moving in and out of our beings. Rest is an essential and often overlooked element of wellness. We assist you to identify and nurture in your own tailored way, ensuring the rest you get is the restorative rest you need.

6. Breath | The life engine

From the moment we take our first breath, to our last, we take our core function for granted and assume just because we can breathe we know how to do it well. Atlas Wellness understands the importance of breath and teaches the art of it. From endurance to relaxation and everything in between, understanding and mastering your breath provides a foundation of all wellness.

7. Movement | Feeling physical

Whether your goal is to feel good or look good, win trophies or avoid pain, Atlas Wellness has a successful track record in delivering tailored results for all bodies. Our programs recognise movement is at the core of all life and moving well is vital to achieving our physical and wellness goals. Our qualifications, training and experience enable us to offer comprehensive and specialised support for every body to become the body you want it to be.

8. Play | Making it fun

We believe life should be happy and that wellness makes it happier. But, if we do not consciously seek to experience endorphins in positive ways, we will subconsciously accept negative, and often destructive, paths to pleasure. Atlas Wellness works with our clients to identify pathways to pleasure, seeking to inspire a road to wellness that is sustainable, enjoyable and filled with so much happiness that it is the only road you want to be on.

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