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Viking Rack $1,199.00

Viking Rack is a world first revolutionary portable power rack enabling trainers and athletes to train heavy and hard in all environments. 


The patented design attaches the power rack to vehicles in two ways with added stabilising jacks for the ultimate training experience.


The foundation of the Viking Rack “Destroy Yourself Anywhere” experience includes the patented u-frame, sliding into your car tow bar mouth and patented twin jacking system with saw tooth uprights.


All Viking Rack hardware is coated in the suitably named ‘Raptor’ polyurethane paint and the width of Viking Rack’s frame allows both 6-foot and 7-foot wide Olympic bars to be used.


Viking Rack Drive on Plate $225.00

Viking Rack’s Drive on Plate is a patented heavy duty hot dip galvanised two piece kit enabling the use of Viking Rack with vehicles without a tow bar hitch.

The Drive on Plate option provides a more stable mounting base for Viking Rack because it eliminates any movement in the running gear of the vehicle.

Viking Rack Landmine $99.00

Viking Rack’s Landmine is a modular optional attachment to the upright of the Viking Rack U-frame allowing users to perform power and rotational exercises with an additional Olympic barbell.


Viking Rack Carry Bags $350.00

The Viking Rack Carry Bags is a two piece kit.  These bags protect both the Viking Rack and the vehicle whilst in transit or storage.   

Made from heavy duty weather resistant Dernier material and utilisiing industrial stitching. These two bags are as tough as the Viking Rack that they carry.

Viking Rack is committed to delivering quality, sustainability and community benefits through our entire supply chain.

Locally designed and patented in Australia, Viking Rack is manufactured in a South Australian facility with local workers and made using the highest quality local materials where possible

When you buy Viking Rack you are supporting Australian innovation and manufacturing and a product designed to enhance your health, strength, training and life.

Shipping Details

The price of all Viking Rack store items include shipping to all Australian major city metropolitan areas. Please refer to the below guide. If you are outside of these ranges shipping is still possible, including to New Zealand, please contact us for the price.

Click here for destination postcode ranges for postage included prices.

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Viking Rack Founder, Ben Maddern

Ben Maddern is a Personal Trainer, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Former Strongman Champion, Founder of Atlas Wellness, and Inventor of Viking Rack.


Generating effective results has led Ben to coach and mentor Australian and World Champions including Jordan “Biggie” Steffens, James Newbury and Amanda Allen.

Viking Rack Evolution

Viking Rack has evolved following years of research and development by Ben Maddern who identified a need for clients to take their training experience into the outdoors through a simple and portable system.
While managing his own mobile personal training and wellness coaching business Atlas Wellness, Ben developed the patented Viking Rack to provide clients with a mobile training experience, previously only available with commercial gym equipment.


Viking Rack’s easy to use portable system enables the use of a punching bag, barbell, TRX and bands to take the training experience to any location your vehicle can access.


The word ‘Viking’ is synonymous with warriors travelling to far lands to conquer their enemies and the idea of being able to travel anywhere to train hard and heavy inspired the name, Viking Rack.



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