How Atlas Wellness Works

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I first met Ben from Atlas Wellness probably back in 2015, might have even been the end of 2014 and I was getting prepared for a regional competition. I’d not yet made it to the Crossfit Games, I’d not yet become the fittest man in Australia and he really, at that point I was quite burnt out, or lacking in certain areas. I really found what it meant to be balanced.  I thought I was balanced, I thought I’m working at my gym, I’m training, I’m eating food, I’m balanced! You know I was so far from it. There was so much untapped potential that I didn’t realise I could have had, until now. So what it really did for me was taught me to work in as much as I work out. Focus on breathing elements, focused on meditations elements that really have increased my mental fitness, or my mental fortitude. Those types of things I think have gone a long way to make me such a better athlete, and eventually make the Crossfit Games in 2016 for my debut games.  And I think all in all if more people could learn how to be a more balanced athlete or balanced person in their work life they would see tremendous gains in pretty much everything that they do, whether it’s business, whether it’s friendships, whether it’s training and sport, I feel like balance is the key to progression and if you don’t do that then you’re only doing yourself a disservice. 

- James Newbury, Australia's Fittest Man


"Thank you for sponsoring me Ben and for all of your support and guidance. Your knowledge of how to train the body and mind is world class. Your passion to continue to learn and grow as a person and practitioner is something I admire. It's awesome to have found someone to emulate and aspire to be. I feel confident in what you teach because you 'practice what you preach" which is better than reading it in a book or taking someone's word for it! Thank you Ben and Atlas Wellness."

- Kym "The Technician" Johnson


"Hi, my name's Jess Macolino. I started to come to Atlas Wellness because I was doing sprinting for five years and just found that I wasn’t reaching my potential, I wasn’t using muscles that I could be using to get the most explosive reactions. I started to get riddled with injuries, I wasn’t using the right part of my body.  I then stopped sprinting because of all the injuries.  I then moved onto doing football. I got picked up in the SANFL league and then found the same thing happening. I was just getting riddled with injuries, I wasn’t using my body to the best of its potential. I found Ben and ever since I’ve been moving the best I can and it’s been great. I’ve had ongoing hamstring issues, ongoing back issues.  I just found out I’ve had bulged disc in my back which has debilitated me and therefore can’t play footy. I’ve gone to five physios, I’ve been to chiropractors, I’ve been to all of these different holistic approaches to try to sort out my back, to try to get moving, ‘cos football’s my favourite thing in the world and I just found that I haven’t had the results that I’ve had with any other program or any other treatment, like I have had with Ben. I’ve been here for, this will be my fifth week now and already I’ve seen great improvements in the way I’m moving, better improvements than before I was injured so it’s been absolutely fantastic and I’m just excited to see where this process leads me. My friends and my family and all the other athletes around me I recommend Atlas Wellness just to understand your body and understand the bio-mechanics of how it works and if you want to get the best out of your body and be able to reach your potential, I just find that Ben’s the man for you to able to actually show you how your body operates and where you’re lacking and what muscles need to be worked and where your body just is, just understand how it is going to reach it’s potential. I’ve recommended this to the football people, I’ve recommended this to the sprinters and I just think it’s been the best thing for me and I want to share this with the world. I’m so grateful for everything Ben’s done for me."

- Jessica Macolino


"Hi, my name is Casey, I’m an athlete with a huge passion for human performance.  My background; I’ve got six national Australian strongman records, competed at the junior Commonwealth games for weightlifting, went to American to play NCAA Division Three American Football and that’s what brought me back to Atlas because at that point in time I didn’t actually have the ability to walk.  I had no sensation in my legs, sort of below about mid-thigh, excruciating pain daily, on thirteen plus medications a day, wasn’t eating, wasn’t sleeping, vomiting thirty plus times a day and I was broken and coming to Atlas Wellness I’ve slowly pieced myself back together one by one and here sitting happy and healthy and I have Atlas Wellness and Ben to thank for it. The key principles that Ben has taught me and has helped me to progress are, initially would be to create balance within my body, within the different realms, whether it be nutrition, sleep, stress, as well as getting the right amount of physical exercise for how my body is at the time so balance was a huge principle and foundation of our training.  I guess one of the biggest things that I experienced with the relief in my back was his techniques that work on axial extension and segmental joint decompression.  The exercises themselves are quite complicated and difficult to perform but are worth their weight in gold and will make up a solid part of training throughout the rest of my life."

- Casey Snodgrass


"Hi my name’s Steve and I got referred by a friend and he referred me because I was in pain, with Sciatica.  I was suffering for a good two months before I made a decision to come here and when I did it was the best decision I’ve ever made.  Within two or three weeks my pain had diminished sufficiently.  I was back to sleeping normally with a couple of months.  Within a year my pain had totally gone.  It was all due to his stretching, and his knowledge of muscles, and exercises, I don’t know what to say, I feel like he saved my life, I’m not going to lie.  I feel like he’s added years to my life. I’m healthier, I’ve lost weight, I’m stronger, no back pain.  I’m a bricklayer so that helped me in a big way.  Just helped me think clearer, think better, make better life decisions. He’s a top bloke and a very good trainer."

- Steven Kyriakou


"Hi, my name’s Danny. I first started training with Ben nearly three years ago.  One of my Cousins had been training with him for a few years already and I’d seen how it had changed his life, made him a better person in a lot of different ways. I thought it was time to make those sorts of changes for myself.  I used to be really fit, then I got sick and lost twenty kilos and was struggling to get into that good condition again so I started training with Ben and slowly things started getting a lot better. I had and still have issues with my shoulders which were really holding me back.  The specific one on one training with Ben has done a lot to fix those problems already and has made a huge difference."

- Daniel De Vito


"Hi, my name’s Kon, I started seeing Ben about two and half years ago.  I had lower back pain and stuff like that and I had bulged two discs in my lower spine.  He’s got me back up to, pretty much fully fit, back into my physical job again.  Learning stretching, ELDOAs and just general weights to get me back on board and yeah it’s turned my life around really. I work digging trenches and lifting heavy pipes on a daily basis.  Pretty much I couldn’t walk for a part of it, I was that immobile and after seeing Ben for a few months he got me back to full strength and I’m able to work on a daily basis and kick goals basically."

- Kon Mouratidis


"So, hi, my name’s Sarah and I’ve been with Atlas and Ben for about ten years now. The reason why I first contacted Ben and started working out with him was because at that point I really had not done any exercise and had a bad lifestyle and I knew that unless I did something that would be the way I was for the rest of my life so I got in contact with Ben and I’ve been training with him ever since. So over the ten years I’ve been with Ben I’ve experienced lots of positive changes, particularly in my lifestyle and my nutrition.  When I came to Ben I thought had an idea what was good nutrition but since being with Ben he’s really educated me on good wholesome food and I’ve felt changed in both appearance, obviously with training, but also internally.  I feel much more energised, I sleep better. I feel like my skin and hair etc is better.  On a physical note, one of the issues that I have is that I sit at a desk for a large period of each day and my right side is often quite immobile, particularly my shoulder, I used to get pain in my shoulder, so I’ve worked with Ben at a series of exercises which has improved the muscle tone there and also done stretches so I’m now actually very much more mobile and don’t have the issues with the sore shoulder so I’m very grateful to Ben for that as well as all the other things he’s educated me on, and I feel so much better, I look better, no weight gain and eat much better and overall I’m very happy."

- Sarah Vaile


"Ben is a fantastic personal trainer and is highly knowledgeable with anything health and fitness related. For anyone wanting to improve their life - Ben would be the first person I'd recommend!"

- Kayla Banfield


"I had the pleasure of spending some time with Ben going over my fitness & nutrition. In only three weeks following the advice he gave me I can honestly say the improvements have been very noticeable. I would highly recommend speaking to Ben to get more out of your health & wellbeing."

- Kevin Slater


"I had some health issues that were not going away and after seeing a doctor I was still not satisfied with the result of being told I was fine when I knew there was something going on. I booked an appointment and seen Ben for an hour and a half and he gave me some homework and I implemented them straight away and within 3+ weeks I was almost back to normal which blew me away! Very simple changes in hydration, food, mental awareness, clarity plus excellent advice surrounding sleep and stretching changed me from not having any energy, not being able to train and sleeping far too long to training almost 6 days a week again, sleeping, recovering, working and enjoying life again."

- George Dimopoulos


"I have been a client of Ben's for the past 6 years and intend on doing so for life. From session one, I realised that I needed to learn, unlearn and re-learn, as Ben's holistic training was knowledge I knew nothing about. It's not just about lifting weights. To get maximum results you have to get your eating, sleeping, breathing and mind right also. Through Ben's tailored approach and strong focus on wellbeing, I have been able to transform myself physically, mentality and spiritually. His training environment is reassuring, non judgemental and patience. He recognises the individual capabilities of his clients and will push you when needed but never to the point of injury. Embodying Ben's ethos will provide you the foundations for a happy, healthy and mindful life."

- Stefan Koulocheris